Saturday, February 6, 2010

More "AMORE"

Okay so there are obviously more than just those 5 that I love....So Robyn here's more "AMORE" Ang was taking all the pictures so I don't have one of her but she is included! :) I didn't have a picture of just all the nieces and nephews together in one picture shot, but they are also included as well as ALL my in-laws!!! MI AMORES!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ahhhhh AMORE!!!!

This is the month of "AMORE"..... LOVE.....make sure you let the ones you love know how wonderful they are and how much they mean in your life.....especially how much you LOVE them.... :) These are the people who I love more than anything else!!!! LOVE U GUYS!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

21 years!!!!

It's AMAZING to think that I've been with my best friend for 1/2 my life exactly. Dec. 2nd marked 21 years since the day I met Kyle. 18 days later we decided to get married and 6 months later we did. Our relationship has had it's UPS and DOWNS (believe me), I truly believe that this is how you learn to grow and develop in a relationship. May we have AT LEAST 21 more. Luv ya babe!!!! :) (pics from Karlene's wedding)

Karlene's Wedding

We had a great Thanksgiving and what topped it off even better was us being thankful for Karlene's wedding. Karlene looked AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! We absolutely LOVE Vaughn.He is perfect for our daughter. They are very happy and we couldn't be happier for them. We had a lovely ceremony that lasted maybe 10 minutes tops. Then we had pictures and then onto the reception and dancing and FUN! I've posted some pics of Karlene dancing with her dad and then with Vaughn at the reception. I also have pics of the receiving table and their wedding cake. Hope you enjoy!:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 months already?????

Okay, so I've not had a lot of time lately. Quick updates -
* We moved to Jerome & live w/ Kyle's parents while he's in school @ CSI learning how to make & take care of Wind Turbines.
* I am trying to build a clientele between working @ Impressions in Jerome and Sunsations in Twin Falls. I do my own nails now. Takes a while but I AM GOOD AT IT!
* Karston is in Jerome HS. He is doing fantastic academically and seems to be adjusting okay to
life here. He wishes to be in Boise or Rexburg, but tough luck!
* KaDence is a straight A student right now also. She thought her adjustment was going to be easier but she's adapting okay.
* LASTLY...what a WONDERFUL SURPRISE....KARLENE has found the man of her dreams and is getting married on NOV. 28th. We couldn't be more excited for her and Vaughn. He is absolutely perfect! We really love him and the way he treats Karlene!
That's our news for now. Leaving you w/ some pics of my nails.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Solitaire........The Carpenters

Robyn this one is just for you.......ahh the memories........check out my playlist

Friday, April 24, 2009

What is a Marriage....what is a relationship.....

Everyone has their own ideas of marriage i'm sure. For's being with my best friend.... who started out as my best friend, but through the years... really is the only person who i look forward to spending time with. i like hangin with friends, family, my kids and other couples...but...I long to spend my time with Kyle. I enjoy just being with him. I don't need to go out for dinner necessarily (it is a nice treat), in fact most of our dates, recently, have been driving to job sites and helping him clean up the concrete blankets or take down signs. Our relationship keeps most relationships should. We've had some really hard struggles and I have found that as time has gone on, these struggles are what takes our relationship to the next level. It has taken me 20 years to figure out that our arguments and differences are what allows us to grow in our relationship when we work through it and pray for each other. Being able to recognize certain things about yourself and taking ownership of them often helps. Things like "well I did say that...", "How would I feel if the tables were turned?", "Am I manipulating this situation.?", "Am I saying hurtful things because I'm feeling hurt and wounded?", "What am I REALLY upset about?", "I'm I big enough to admit it and start moving forward...or am I going to be stubborn and continue to argue for the sake of being mad?", "What am I willing to give up or sacrifice for this person?" Marriage and relationships......these are just a few thoughts... I LOVE my husband.....he isn't perfect(and neither am I )...but..... he is perfect for me.